Thursday, June 23, 2011

Easy Homemade Sangria

If you like sangria, this is SUPER easy and SO good! All you need is a cheap red wine, lemonade (we usually use Simply Lemonade, but this was on-sale and really inexpensive), and some sliced citrus!
You can use whatever percentage of each that you like. I usually end up with a 60-70% lemonade/30-40% wine mix. 
Simply pour the wine and lemonade into a pitcher, then add a good amount of sliced citrus (that pitcher had between 15 and 20 slices). This batch only had orange and lemon, but I've also added lime before. Really, you can add whatever fruit you like, but with the lemonade, the citrus tastes perfect!
That's it! Quick, easy, inexpensive, and a little dangerous as it's rather refreshing and many find that they can drink quite a bit of it, so drink responsibly! :)
*If you noticed in the picture, the citrus slices are in freezer bags. This winter, we had an abundance of citrus. So, with some of the fruit, I washed it, cut into slices, placed on cookie sheets and froze. Once frozen you can put a bunch of slices into baggies-- then, take them out for garnishes or to flavor water, tea, or sangria! 
What fruit do you like in your sangria?


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