Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ribbon Christmas Card Holder

It's that time of year when checking the mailbox is so fun, anticipating all the great greetings from friends and family.  Over the years, I've struggled with how to display them, so they often ended up just sitting in Christmas baskets.  But, I was never quite happy with that.  Now, I've finally found a solution I love--a way to incorporate all those special messages, photos, and cute cards as part of our Christmas decor.   

In case you missed it last week over at a Homemade Christmas with The Scrap Shoppe, here's the tutorial I shared on how to make an over-the-door ribbon Christmas card holder:
A festive project that's easy & inexpensive to make, yet functional & cute--a definite win-win!

Here's what you'll need:
2 pieces of foam board (what I used), cardboard, or wood (mine were approx. 20" x 8" each)
- Ribbon (I used 2.5" and about 13ft.)
- Wrapping paper (scrapbooking paper, tissue paper, or old cut up Christmas cards would all look adorable)
- Scissors
- Tape
- Hot Glue Gun
- Embellishments (bows, letters, buttons, other ribbon, etc.)
- Clothes pins

How to:
- Cut two pieces (approx. 20" x 8" each) of some type of board.  I had a piece of foam board left over from another project, so I used that.
- Wrap on piece of the board--the back won't show, so it doesn't have to look pretty :)
- Cut 3 long pieces of ribbon--I had one length at about 3.5 ft. and two at about 3 ft. 
- Attach the ribbon about half-way up the back of the board.  Initially, I just used tape (for easier repositioning) and measured the center and then the other two pieces each 3" in from the sides.  
- Next, take your other board (uncovered) and line it up parallel to your wrapped board with ribbons attached. Opposite the ribbon already there, attach 3 shorter pieces of ribbon (a little more than 12") with tape on the wrapped board so that the ribbon lines match up.  Then, attached the other end to the unwrapped board.  It will look like this:
- Now you will be able to hang your display over a door without having to put a nail or anything like that in the door.
- Once you're comfortable with how everything lines up and hangs, then go ahead and hot glue everything in place (instead of just the tape).  At this point, your holder is functional, but not as cute:
- So, now you need to embellish in whatever way fits your decor look.  I just used leftover bows I had--they are the velvety already made ones that you can pick up just about anywhere right now for a $1 or $2 for 6.  And, I thought it needed some words.  "Season's Greetings" seemed fitting, so I cut 3" letters with the Cricut.  
I added one more bow at the very bottom for good measure :)
Now, you've got a cute ribbon banner that's ready & waiting to display your cards.  Grab some clothes pins and embellish those as you like too.  You could get the kids involved and have them paint some clothes pins.  Or, you could spray paint them, add bows, buttons, ribbons, etc.  Then, clip on your cards & enjoy!
A BIG thank you to Michele for having Mom Endeavors at The Scrap Shoppe as part of a Homemade Christmas!  


  1. Too cute!!

    Come enter my linky party as well as the current giveaways!!

  2. Absolutely darling! I have it in the queue to feature on my Christmas site:

    What a great tutorial!

  3. This is a good idea. Thanks for the clear tutorial. Now if I could just get my cards out so someone can hang them up. :-)

  4. I'm your newest follower.

  5. Makes me think of Steel Magnolias where they had something similar in the background. Love.

  6. This turned out so great, and I love the over-the-door design. I featured you today on my favorite things :)

  7. It looks great. I'd love for you to join We're Organized Wednesday until Saturday if you get the chance. There's a fun giveaway too. Hope to see you there.

  8. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  9. That is so cute, it really makes a festive decoration.

  10. That is so clever. I usually clip my cards to the dining room window curtain, but I may try this this year.

  11. Very cute! Wish I had a door other than my front door to put it on! ;)

    Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka,


  12. So cute!!!! I love the bows you used too. it adds so much cuteness to an already cute idea!!!
    Thanks for linking this to the "Very Merry Christmas Party" at I loved having you and your wonderful ideas!!!

  13. I made one of these based on your design and thought you might like to see it! Thanks for the idea!!!


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