Monday, November 29, 2010

Easy Hanukkah Crafts

Hanukkah begins this week and while we are not Jewish, our friends' kids who I watch during the week are.  So, today, we made a few little crafts in honor of Hanukkah.
I printed off some of these coloring pages (found here):

Also, I decided we should do some painting activities. Something very simple is just cutting some card stock lengthwise into strips (and then cutting those in half)--ending up with small strips of paper like this:
Then, let the kids paint their paper strips with blue paint (some silver glitter would have been a nice addition too!) 
The blue paint can also be used for handprint menorahs, like this:
For candle flames, either use their fingerprints dipped in yellow or orange paint. If you don't have any (like me), then just cut some flames out of yellow/orange paper.
Once the blue strips are dry, then you can make Stars of David...
...or candles!  
You could do all kinds of various things with them--or put them all together in a little "Happy Hanukkah" display.  Add a little contact paper and you could have some really cute placemats! 


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