Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple Stamping

After our fun handprint apple tree making, I thought we should give apple stamping a try. The boys (I watch a friend's kids two days a week) loved it!!  
Here's what you need:
Two apples (& a knife to cut them)
paint (& something to put it in)
 You can cut the apples two different ways for your stamps--if you cut the apple vertically (above left), it will give you that "classic" apple shape.  If you cut it horizontally (above right), the seed pockets in the core make a cute star shape.
Why not try both?! :)
I opted for red and green apples--seemed appropriate.  We used washable Crayola Kids' Paints--I put of each paint color on a paper towel to act as a sort of stamp pad.  This seemed to help get off some of the excess paint. 
The apples were easy for the boys (both 3) to hold on to and place on the paper. In the spirit of not wasting all the apple on stamping, there were only two stamps.  Green was the apple "star" stamp and red was the "classic" apple stamp.  The other apple halves were snack after we cleaned up. :)

The boys loved making their stamp pictures and trading off between the apples. Unfortunately, the apple "star" didn't show up as nicely as I had hoped.  But, the pictures are cute nonetheless.  Add a little title or other embellishment and it is a very cute displayed next to the apple tree.
Another quick, easy, inexpensive, and cute little activity to do with the kiddos--perfect for this time of year or for teaching the letter "A".  How cute would it be to make a big letter "A" on paper using the apple stamps to construct it?! (Am now asking myself why I didn't think of that a few days ago!) :)
Have fun stamping!

(For more great activities to do with your kiddos check out: Tot Tuesdays and Show & Tell)


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