Saturday, May 28, 2011

X-TREME Table Makeover: #GlueNGlitter Edition

We're in the midst of doing a little mini patio makeover and setting up for a BBQ get together (stay tuned for details on that soon). One of the new items is this little folding patio table.
Many of the styles I like aren't always the most kid friendly--you know, pokey corners, glass table tops, breakable, etc. So, I find myself compromising a bit on appearance in favor of being kid-friendly. This little folding table (found at Kmart) is a good solution for us--much sturdier than the plastic ones, no glass, no sharp edges, etc. But, I didn't like the look as much--especially being able to see all the underneath folding table legs and such.
My solution? A mini X-TREME table makeover!

What I used:
- Fabric (outdoor or vinyl that could be wiped down would be great!)
- part of an Elmer's tri-fold foam board (the 1/2 left over from our zoo project)
- ribbon
- pencil
- scissors
(You can see all the details of my X-TREME shopping mission and a sneak peak at another project here

What I did:
Traced the table top on the foam board and then cut it out with the X-ACTO knife.
Once the foam piece was cut, the fabric was cut to the needed size.
Then, I flipped it over and started gluing the fabric to the board with the new X-TREME glue stick. In the past, I probably would have used a hot glue gun for a project like this. But, this was so much better!! No chance of burnt fingers, no stringy glue-gun "hairs", and no bumps in the fabric. Perfect for this!
I continued gluing and sticking the fabric down all around the board, even using the glue-stick to adhere fabric to fabric at the rounded corners. 
 Once that was done, I cut any excess fabric from the corners and then added ribbons to secure it to the table. I wasn't sure if we would ever want to take it off or what, so I decided to make the table top removable. To do this, I glued ribbon under the fabric to the center of each side.
So, the underneath side ended up looking like this:
To attach the new top to the table, I laced the ribbons through the holes of the table top.
Then, I tied the ribbons together as tight as possible (just like tying a bow tight to a package).
 After flipping the table over, then, voila--a much better looking table top! :)
X-TREME Table Makeover a success! 

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Disclosure: This project has been compensated as part of a craft recipe project using Elmer's #collectivebias. #gluenglitter #xtremeschoolglue All opinions & experiences are my own. For more information, read my disclosure policy.


  1. Oh my gosh, that is amazing! I never would've thought to do that, and the X-TREME looks like it totally handled the job. Yay!

  2. Awesome!! I need to try out that glue! Great job!


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