Saturday, February 12, 2011

Strawberry Valentine's Cake

This recipe is a Valentine's family tradition! My grandma made it for my mom and mom made it for us...and now I've made it a few times too! The original ingredients call for a white cake mix. For some strange reason (it's not something I remember buying and don't usually), we had a strawberry cake mix, so I went with that this time!
- 1 box white cake mix
- 1 box (small) strawberry jello
- 1 C chopped strawberries (can us frozen or fresh)
- 1/2 oil (I use 1/4 oil, 1/4 applesauce)
- 1/4 water
- 4 eggs
- 1/2 C butter
- 1 8oz. block of cream cheese-
- 1/2 C strawberries
- 4 C powdered sugar

- mix cake mix and jello (dry)
- add all wet ingredients and mix until combined
- poor into heart-shaped pans and bake at 325 for 40-45 mins. Let cool completely before frosting!
- while the cake bakes, mix up your frosting. cream butter & cream cheese together first (this works better if they are both at room temp). then add strawberries & powdered sugar until the desired consistency & taste is reached.
*note: this will not be like thick buttercream's somewhere in-between frosting & glaze. So, it will be somewhat runny.
- frost your cake & garnish with fresh strawberries if desired. Don't put the strawberries on until you plan on serving--if you put them on too far in advance (day/night before, they will start getting runny).
Voila! Now serve & enjoy your very pink, moist, and sweet strawberry cake! 

Does your family have any Valentine's food traditions or favorite sweet treats?

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  1. I love this cake! This was my daughter's birthday cake last year... I made it as a round double-layer cake. I'm going to have to try it with the strawberry cake mix the next time. You can't have too much strawberry in our family!


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