Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Joy of Love-FREE Online Photography Class!

In my photography post the other day, I realized I failed to introduce you to the key player in my latest endeavor....
Meet Rebel...
We've become fast friends! And, we'll be getting to know each other this next month as we "take" a free class together... 
Willette Photography is offering this free online class the entire month of February! So, if you're looking for some tips (or motivation) to enhance your photography skills, this class would be great! Just head over to her site, sign up, and enjoy some daily "joy of love"! :) 


  1. Registering for this free photography class was SO EASY! Just for interest's sake, I signed up to see what I could do to take better pictures. I've always been a point and shoot sort of girl!

  2. So glad you registered! :) I've always been a point & shoot girl too--until recently. But, good photo-taking tips apply to all! :)


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