Sunday, February 13, 2011

i heart my boys (and the color red)!

With it being Valentine's day & i heart faces' "RED" challenge in support of Go Red for Women,  I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share one of my favorite photos of my favorite little guys. And, one that happens to be well, very RED (as in "GO BIG RED")! 
This was taken on my little point & shoot, before I embarked on my real dslr photography endeavors. After taking a photography workshop this weekend from Val Westover (which by the way was totally fantastic and I have so much to share with you, including a very cool giveaway in the works), I now know some "technical" things I could have done differently, but that's ok as it's just priceless to us! 
Their matching hats, the lollipop, the way they are looking at each other...swoon! But, the thing the makes the photo all the more special to us (aside from it being on the grounds of our college campus where we met), is that we didn't pose them that way! Big brother did that all on his own and thought it was "fun" to have their hats!

Whose faces do you "heart" this Valentine's Day? What's your favorite picture of them?


  1. The love and heart of this image is just so precious! It looks like the perfect snapshot of a priceless connection to me! :)

  2. How sweet to capture that moment between them!


  3. So very adorable-

    Thanks for stopping by today! I'm now following you too

  4. Your little boys are so cute. What a sweet picture! Glad you found the perfect place to enter it!

  5. Oh my, what a precious capture. LOVE it. They are adorable...

  6. I love it! So adorable. Right down to the lollipop. I signed up to follow... if you want to follow back and read quick, fun articles about parenting, I'm at Have a great day!


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