Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fun Heart-Shaped Foods

So, it seems as though there are a million ideas out there for cute & yummy treats around Valentine's Day--like the Valentine's truffles & strawberry cake I made
But, throughout the day, we can't just be eating sweet treats. So, here's a round up of some adorable heart-shaped food ideas that can be used for the WHOLE day--not just a Valentine's dessert!
Why not start the day with these raspberry pancake-crepes? They look soooo good!  
Or, I bet the kiddos would LOVE these love notes in a pancake! Maybe with some yummy strawberry sauce drizzled on top?  
If pancakes aren't your thing, you could make some heart-shaped toast or heart-shaped eggs in a nest!  

Make some of these healthy heartbeet cookies with the kiddos!
Or, make some super cute heart apples!

We all know that many pizza places make heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine's day (and some try to make a heart-shaped pie themselves. But, had you thought to just make a regular pizza with some heart-shaped pepperonis? So cute!! 
Or, if you don't go the pizza route, maybe a side of hot-pink rice would be fun!!
Such great ideas! I think some of them would be fun to do for an anniversary too!

Do YOU make anything special for Valentine's Day? Please share or leave a link in the comments! 

*Linked to some of these fantastic sites and the virtual Valentine's Party


  1. Those look awesome! What fun ideas- my kids would love it. I made a Pita Face today for lunch- I had cherry tomatoes for eyes- my 4 year old freaked out!
    Have a great day ;-)

  2. Hi! I host a weekly blog hop -- It's a Keeper Thursdays. I'd love for you to stop by and link up!

    Christina @ It's a Keeper

  3. The tomatoes and the apples are just precious! What cute ideas.

  4. Love love love the cherry tomato idea <3 Too cute!

  5. Super sweet ideas! I [heart] your apples so much, I featured them on my blog today. Thanks for sharing such fun ideas. :)

  6. So many cute ideas! Thanks for sharing my pancakes:) I love the apples and I bet my kiddos teachers would too:)

  7. Such fun ideas! I found some heart shaped pastas at World Market that I'm planning to make for dinner on Monday. Pasta is a family favorite meal anyway...

  8. Fun! Thanks for showing off my heart pepperonis. I love that hot pink rice! My 2yo would go crazy for it.

  9. WOW what fantastic ideas!! I saw your apples on the Tattered Tag and just about fell off my chair! They are amazing!! Good work : )

  10. Those apples are my favorite!!! I wonder if I have any other shapes...

  11. Love the pink rice! I'm going to try those apples for St. Patrick's Day.
    Here is some heart shaped food I've done


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