Monday, January 31, 2011

Photography: My latest endeavor

So, I realized that I haven't really shared with you my favorite new with my Canon DSLR Christmas present! I've always loved pictures--taking them, hanging them in my house, scrapbooking them, etc. But, now I am officially dabbling in real photography--with foreign words like aperture, f-stop, and ISO. I'm learning SO much and am having so much fun experimenting! I.LOVE.IT!!
As part of my little new found photography obsession endeavor, I discovered the site, "i heart faces". It's great--full of great information & ideas and each week they have a photo challenge. This week's is "Best Face Photo in January". So, I decided to enter because, well, how can you resist this face?!...
Ok, ok, so maybe I'm just slightly biased and you really can resist that face! :) But, I can't! I LOVE this photo of Little Brother--his expression, his eyes, and yes, even that slobbery baby drool! 

What about YOU? Do you share my latest obsession endeavor?

(P.S. if you do like the photo, feel free to go here and vote for #444--then pick your other 9 favs! :) ) 


  1. Ooooh. That is precious! Those cheeks. Oh my.

  2. I love the pic! When I buy a new camera I will be obsessing too. My poor canon has been great and still takes good pics but it has worked it's butt off.


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