Thursday, January 6, 2011

Got Citrus?, we do!
A recent cold snap left us having to pick all the citrus off our trees. This has left us, family, and friends with LOADS of citrus!  Lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, tangelos-oh my!  
I've already processed this box of 85 lemons...
...yielding more than 12 cups of frozen juice, 2 freezer bags of flash frozen lemon slices, 6 whole frozen lemons, a baggie of frozen zest, and more than 70 lemon juice cubes!
And, I have a box of over 100 oranges yet to process!
There are 5 more boxes just like those in my parents' garage!  We will only be able to eat so many oranges, cranberry-orange muffins, and drink so much lemonade & orange juice!  So, this is where I need your help...
What are YOUR favorite citrus recipes?  
Please leave a link or recipe in the comments--I'll pick some favorites to make & feature!


  1. I love this Foolproof Lemon Meringue Pie. I wish I had all your citrus goodies. Lucky!!! I can only imagine all the delicious things you'll do with them.

  2. Wow! Those oranges and lemons look absolutely yummy! I ran into this same "surplus citrus" problem myself over the holidays (but for me it was clementines). Mine had gone past the point of being any good to eat though, so we made them into Potpourri instead. Smelled amazing! Check it out here:

    I'm excited to see what zesty recipes you end up making. Good luck!

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  4. Not really a recipe, but something to do with lemon juice.

    Sara, we found miofresh at our local baby boutique. You can also find it through online retailers. Just make sure they are shipping from the US though since it's a UK product. You don't want to have to pay crazy postal fees!

  5. Have you tried lemon bars? Yum.

    I also like lemon bread.


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