Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Good, Cheap Eats Feature!

Exciting news--my pumpkin Chili is the feature today over at Good, Cheap Eats.
Head on over there to check it out and see all the other great recipes!  It's a link party, so you can even add your own good eat to the list!
Thanks to Jessica for sharing what's on my plate!!


  1. I'm trying the pumpkin chili! I have half of the ingredients here already, so quick trip to the store is all I need to do! Also, is that site run by the Jessica I'm thinking of from AHS? (Don't want to disclose too much.)

  2. Nope, not that Jessica! :) That Jessica doesn't have a blog. The Jessica on Good, Cheap Eats is a BIG time blogger--book deal and everything! So, it was extra exciting to be featured there!
    The pumpkin chili is really yummy and extra good with the pumpkin cornbread muffins.


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