Monday, November 22, 2010

Turkey Fruit Snacks!

Betcha didn't think there were such a thing as turkey fruit snacks (yah, I didn't either)...but, we did indeed have them for snack.  See?!
Since the turkey sandwich was such a big hit with Big Brother, I wanted to do something similar today for snack while I watched the kiddos (I watch a friend's kids a couple of times a week).  
To make your vegetarian turkeys, you'll need:
   -an apple (or more depending on how many you're making)
   -fruit leather or fruit rollup
   -sprinkles or edible ink pen
   -peanut butter, cream cheese, or frosting (to hold everything together)
   -a knife

- For the body of the turkey, cut the round sides off of a washed apple, like this:
- Use the apple flesh to cut oblong-type shapes for the head/neck and attach to the body using your desired spread of choice
- From the fruit leather/rollup, cut feathers.  I was able to get 5 per fruit leather, like this:
- Cut small triangles from cheese for the beak and attach using spread of choice.
- Place the sprinkles for eyes & wattle (those happen to be red car sprinkles)
- And....voila, turkey fruit snacks!  
A fun snack for the week or a perfect healthy turkey treat for the kids' Thanksgiving table! 


  1. These are adorable!! Great share and happy to have found your blog! =]

  2. Those look so cute!(

  3. I love it! Those are so cute - and so healthy in a season of indulgence!

  4. WOW, another genius food idea! I'll be featuring this along with your turkey sandwich! You are an incredible mom!!!


  5. What an adorable little snack.

  6. These little turkeys made me gigggle! What a cute idea!


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