Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Must-Try Pumpkin Recipes

After a pumpkin carving blunder left this pumpkin as a helmet instead of the sports team logo we were going for, I decided to bake it.
I've never cooked a pumpkin before, but wanted to give it a try instead of letting that great big pumpkin go to waste.  Wow!!  One large pumpkin = a HUGE amount of pumpkin puree, as I'm now the proud owner of just over 200 ounces of fresh pumpkin puree in my freezer (that's the equivalent of almost 7 of the large Libby's cans--or enough for 14 pumpkin pies!).  And, even better--it only cost $3!! 

We've already done pumpkin turnovers with fresh pumpkin puree, which turned out great!  But, with a husband who loves all things pumpkin, I'd like to expand my pumpkin cooking repertoire and I've been on the hunt for pumpkin recipes.  And, I didn't want just sweets and desserts either.
So, here's my top 10 ten list (some of which would make for some really great holiday dishes or food gifts):

For breakfast:

For lunch/dinner:

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars from All You (now, minus the ghosts)

Now, to just find the time to try them all! I'll keep you posted!
(And, if all those aren't enough, then you can always check out this article for 100 ways to cook a pumpkin!!)

Do you have favorite pumpkin recipes?  Please share or link up in the comments if you do! Happy pumpkin cooking!!!


  1. I have a pumpkin spice scone that is to die for! Made Pumpkin Whoope Pies a few weeks back. The "Great Pumpkin Dessert" is good as well. I have a few of yours above already marked as to-try recipes :)

  2. You've come up with some great looking recipes-enjoy:@)

  3. WOW. love love all your pumpkin links. Here we are hosting a "Pumkpin" Blog Party! Come over and link-up and share your recipes with us. And we have lots of pumkpin ideas.. for you too!

  4. Wow these recipes looks so delicious! I love pumpkin time of year :-)


  5. I raosted my pumpkins up this year, so this blog is perfect for me, LOL. Thanks so much for all the great pumpkin links!

  6. You're making me hungry! All these sound so good!

  7. Oh gees...I really wish you didn't post that Pumpkin Swirl Brownie. I LOVE pumpkin and chocolate. I'm not even going to look at the recipe. Thanks for linking to Healthy Mom's Kitchen!!

  8. I had to look at this post because pumpkin is on my mind and I just did a pumpkin post too! The ideas are limitless for this fun ingredient. That chili sounds AMAZING! Thank you for this delicious collection.

  9. I would go crazy with all that yummy pumpkin food! Thanks for featuring me!


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