Sunday, September 26, 2010

This New Endeavor

Welcome to Mom Endeavors!  
This blog was created out of the desire to have a place to share about all the everyday mom endeavors I find myself undertaking.  Soon after the birth of my second little guy (almost 6 months ago), I closed the doors to my high school biology classroom, trading in my lab coat and piles of papers to grade for days filled with piles of laundry, coupons, toys and most importantly, more precious time with my two boys.  Since then, I've had more time for several everyday mom endeavors--from cooking experiments, to bargain-hunting & couponing, to home management & organization, to teaching & doing activities with my own kids.  And, not surprisingly, I've been learning so much--so much so in fact, that our family blog is becoming a little too full of my mom endeavor posts (an adoring grandparent is probably less than thrilled to see another menu planning post as opposed to their darling grandbaby's picture).  Thus, this blog is born--dedicated to sharing the great ideas, tips, tricks, and tidbits I learn through all my everyday mom endeavors. 


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